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My name is Piss Willy and I live near Ponchatoula, Louisiana. (Yes, I had to ask someone how to spell Ponchatoula. I just live here, I don’t have to know how to spell it.)

You may know me as I am somewhat of a star. I’m the good looking one in the Shelby & Piss Willy combo. Now Shelby is OK, don’t get me wrong. He takes good care of me, keeps me fed, takes me on wild boat rides and introduces me to all his friends. I pay him back by sniffing out the logs and watching out for the gators.

Well, Shelby has his own website and Facebook page so I decided that I needed one too. Maybe it will help me get some action with the ladies. As you know I will be on the lookout for a “First Lady”.

Now, you might think I’m just a dumb old dog, but you’d be wrong. I come from a long line of Louisiana political hounds. AND, I WAS born in the USA, not like that other floppy-eared candidate.

So, if you’d like to have a real hard working, all American, knows what life is all about kind of President, you can show your support by ordering one of my Piss Willy for President T-Shirts, and wear it proudly.

Let’s take America back, hold on……”Here We Go America”!

Yours truly,

P. Willy

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